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The Church, in her various expressions, is the only organization on earth with a divinely sanctioned external purpose. Planning is always implicit in purpose. Just as God's purpose of redeeming mankind from the curses of sin and death inherently holds a plan commensurate with His intent, so must a church's purpose be authenticated by planning. A church without a purpose is no church. Purpose without a plan is no purpose. 

Therefore, it stands to reason that any faithful community or fellowship of believers from congregation to denomination, to justify its existence, must ensure that all its actions and energies are dedicated to its declared purpose. The only way to do this is strategic planning. 

Strategic Planning is the means by which a church exercies her God-given power of continuous creation to serve eternal purpose. 

We offer a wide range of services and programs dealing with all aspects of strategy.




  • Presentations (1 hour)

  • Awarenes Sessions (3 hours)

  • Facilitation of Planning (Approx. 6 months)

  • Facilitator Training (4 days)

  • Strategic Thinking (2 days)

  • Leading with Grace (2 days)

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